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Myberson changes his lens

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BY: Jamil Khan

Myberson Saint-Pierre

Myberson Saint-Pierre

NEW YORK: When Myberson Saint-Pierre started his journey with United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) two years ago, he had no idea that it would turn out to be one of the most enriching experiences of his career. He casually recalls his days starting out in film and photography when Ciano Clerjuste approached him to be a UCOF intern.

“I had recently purchased my first camera to film documentaries and what ever project I had going on at the moment. When Ciano offered me the opportunity to intern I took it, just because I needed the credits for school and I figured it would be a cool experience. At the time I didn’t know much about UCOF or fashion,” he says.

Soon after that fateful meeting, Myberson was introduced into the magical world of fashion and his lens could not help but lap up all the beauty it had to offer.

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Icon of the Week: Alaia

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BY: Gabriela Herstik

The fashion industry is touched by innovators who never felt the need to walk the beaten path. Designers who have stayed true to their art while maintaining the walk and talk of the fashion scene are far and few, but they are true diamonds in the raw. If there is any man who has truly kept his attention to the style, detail, and direction of his brand without falling to the conformity of the industry, it has been Azzedine Alaia; innovator and father of the bodycon look.

Alaia was born to wheat farmer parents in Southern Tunisia in 1940. Both Alaia and his twin sister were raised by his grandparents. Like many other fashion legends, Alaia cultivated his love for style through the glossy pages of Vogue magazine, and this love manifested itself when he enrolled in Ecole des Beaux- arts de Tunis (a prominent fine arts school) at fifteen, where he studied sculpture.

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Trend: Fur on the Prowl

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BY: Gabriela Herstik
ciano furs 1
There is always an abundance of new styles to try and new trends to be inspired by after any fashion week. With New York Fashion Week already fully wrapped up, there have been some incredible trends and collections that have emerged from the runway; mixed tartans, midi length skirts and more sheer overlays to name a few. Perhaps it’s the idea of using fur in interesting and unique places that is the most attention grabbing of trends. Whether it’s in BCBG or Parabal Gurung’s presentation, using fur as an accent was definitely noteworthy and refreshing when seen on the catwalk of major houses.

Look De Jour: Bree Kinkade

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Bree Kinkade

Name: Bree Kinkade
City: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 20 years old
School: Kennesaw State University
Major: Marketing

1. Ombré : If you could name your personal style what would it be? Bree: It’s so difficult to put a label or name on my style, because I feel like it is always changing and evolving as I grow. As of right now, I would probably title it “boho chic”. I am really into the whole ‘bohemian’ and ‘free spirited’ look, and I always have been. I think that now I am just really starting to figure out how I want to piece things together in order to achieve that look.

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2014 UCOF Academy Media Kit

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2014 Media Kit

The legendary poet Langston Hughes once asked, “What happens to a dream deferred?” According to Mr. Hughes, it can dry up like a raisin in the sun, fester like a sore and then run, stink like rotten meat or sugar over like a syrupy sweet. At best, it sags like a heavy load and at worst it explodes.

The options are few, unless you are Ciano Clerjuste. At age 17, his dream of becoming a fashion designer was deferred by unforeseen circumstances. Determined to turn obstacles into opportunities; he decided to live his dream in the lives of the many under-resourced youth he educates in his organization, United Colors of Fashion, Inc. (UCOF) Academy. United Colors of Fashion, Inc. (UCOF) Academy is a New York City-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing FREE fashion focused education and youth development to those who have the desire, but not necessarily the means of pursuing a career in fashion.

Within its four years of inception, via UCOF Academy, Clerjuste has nurtured the dreams of 300 youths from the tri-state area by exposing them to the “behind the velvet ropes” experience of the fashion industry. In addition to educating, Clerjuste and UCOF give back by providing funds and supplies to 100 children living with HIV in South Africa. With the support of an international team of philanthropically-minded, skilled professionals with backgrounds in fashion, beauty, the arts, and business; Clerjuste’s dream and those of many others have become a reality. As UCOF celebrates its fourth year, it invites you to be an integral part in becoming dream makers to those in need.

For more information on United Colors Of Fashion, please contact Ruth Donat, Publicist:
[email protected] | 917-266-4171

Design intern tells of passion for fantasy fashion

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BY: Jamil Khan

NEW YORK – Artists often describe their talent as both a blessing and a curse, due to its wholly fulfilling nature, but also its ability to create anguish and conflict in the mind of its possessor. Although she does not see it in quite such a dramatic light, UCOF intern Sabrina Guillaume has always considered herself destined for costume design.

Sabrina Guillaume

Sabrina Guillaume

She has recently graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, but the road that led her to this point is nothing short of magical.

“The way garments tell a story, creates a character, and brings life to a screenplay is something that has always wowed me. I remember watching West Side Story and wanting to dance the Mambo just so I would be able to twirl in a full circle skirt. And seeing Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly, and Funny Girl and dying to get my hands on one her lavish hats and coats,” she recalls.

Her resume as it stands, is rather impressive already. Throughout her college career she’s been active in the Theatre Arts department; bringing her skill set in various productions such as Antigone, and Bloody Bess as a Costume Designer where she researched and designed costumes in the genre of Elizabethan era and ancient Greek era. Showing her love for education and her versatile nature, she interned for the world premier of Anthropology of a Book Club for Costume Inspiration, where she Researched Muslim women’s traditional clothing and styled the cast according to characters’ religious backgrounds. In August 2013 at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta, Georgia, Sabrina had the position as a Fantasy Hair Costume Assistant where she assisted celebrity hair stylist Janel Smith in constructing a mermaid costume consisting of hair, fabric, and accessories.

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Jared Leto’s Monumental Win for Supporting Actor

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BY: Gabriela Herstik

Jared Leto - Photo courtesy of

Jared Leto – Photo courtesy of

Jared Leto’s work in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” was monumental and Oscar worthy. The 42-year-old won the 2014 award for “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as Rayon, a HIV-positive transgender woman. The fact that Leto won as an actor portraying a transgender woman is monumental in itself and it was made even more monumental when put into context. Leto’s pure and honest portrayal in this movie was further coupled with his speech in which he spoke of those who have lost the battle to AIDS, and those who have faced injustice for the people they love. Leto’s acceptance speech offered his support to those fighting these battles in a true and authentic manner. Leto’s message is powerful, true, and clear, and the talented actor is helping to bring awareness to the continuing battle with AIDS and HIV.
United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) wants to thank Leto for playing such a monumental role in Dallas Buyers Club and for fighting against this disease alongside of us.

UCOF Cares
UCOF Cares harnesses the fashion community’s compassion for those suffering with HIV/AIDS to bring relief to victims in developing countries that lack access to adequate medical care. It is estimated that 67% of the 33 million people suffering from HIV/AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa. In South Africa alone, there are 300,000 children living with HIV/AIDS and another 1.4 million who have been orphaned by the disease. With your support, and with advocates like Leto, we can find the cure for this disease and help stop this epidemic.

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