Amparo Chorda

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Amparo Chorda was born in Valencia, Spain. This exceptional European designer has enjoyed a long and successful career in the fashion industry. Mrs. Chorda’s focus is on making custom garments for select high-end clientele, along with costumes for theater and television.

As a professional and human being I see life as a kaleidoscope, full of connections and mixed colors, and that thought moves me.

In the free and innovative spirit of her designs, the eternal feminine elegance conjugates between the dream and the magic. Luxury and modernity are constant in her creations. Her excellent pattern design highlights the body’s form.

Amparo Chorda is a perfectionist to the extreme. She has completely dedicated herself to her profession and is an expert in every aspect of design and production. Mrs Chorda’s process begins with sketches that capture her inspiration. The sketches themselves are full of charm and subtlety. There is finesse and elegance in her costumes and even the basic details of scissor and needlework astound.

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