Debbie Louis

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Executive Assistant to the President

Today our hope is that any young woman can pursue a dream of owning a multifaceted empire. More often we find that a person with such determination and ambition is a hidden treasure until courage strikes and they emerge to stand out amongst the crowd. Not only is Debbie Louis a rare jewel, she is also a strong example for young women.. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York may come with challenges, but none greater than the almighty God who has guided her. Debbie has branded herself to operate in multiple industries. She takes on roles such as a CEO, Image and Event consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As a first generation Haitian-American, she has seen and heard disturbing injustices inflicted upon the poor and underprivileged people, especially in the country of Haiti. As a community organizer, her motivation to work in community affairs is mainly endorsed by her perseverance to help the community with their crucial industrial and organizational needs. Debbie’s passion for growth and success has allowed her to utilize her time to work towards innovative projects that generate quantitative and effective initiatives.

Debbie has founded and developed A La Mode a luxury boutique and fashion firm, which is comprised of many services in the fashion, business, and event fields. Debbie has also been a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant to many. Helping others achieve a fresh appearance, from trendy to exclusive, she is repeatedly the go-to-girl. Though she is eager to establish herself as an owner of many organizations, Debbie’s entrepreneurial spirit does not overpower her grace and style as a woman. Debbie has become accustomed to watching her ideas and visions come to fruition and there is no intention of stopping now.

Carrying a strong interest for supporting small and global businesses with their organizational structures, her passion has developed to helping people advance in society with the organizational skills she is developing while achieving her master’s degree in Organizational development at a private university.

Upon graduating college, Debbie volunteered at a local state assemblyman’s office as a Haitian constituency affairs assistant, aiding Haitian Americans to seek crucial resources. She has also worked as an assistant stylist for a celebrity stylist in the New York City area. With two full years of being a fashion assistant, she was able to develop the necessary skills to continue her own fashion projects. The programs that she assisted in developing include but are not limited to: Annual Soup Kitchens in the Flatbush area, Breast Cancer Awareness Events leading to the organized walks, Haiti Earthquake Survival Kit Drives, Prom Drives, Fashion makeovers for the less fortunate, coat drives, toy drives, Fashion 911 forums, and Church of God Community Events.

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