United Colors Of Fashion Presents “Hope Beyond Horizons” in New York

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New York, NY (January 26, 2013) Fashion philanthropy organization, United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) is due to present an Avant-garde exhibition commencing on February 9 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, extending until March 2, 2013, at Rain NYC, located at 59 West 49th Street at Rockefeller Center.

United Colors Of Fashion, a 501 (C)(3) organization, which Vigore magazine calls an “epidemic of hope,” runs a fashion education program in New York City.
The program engages under-resourced youth with opportunities in fashion and exposes them to the fashion industry in its true form. This program is unique in that it is the only one in the United State that is offered to interns free of charge. In addition, the organization heavily provides financial assistance to children with HIV/AIDS in Soweto, Johannesburg in South Africa.

“Hope Beyond Horizons,” the name given to this exhibition, alludes the parallel hope and passion of aspiring artist, and that of those fighting for their lives in Soweto. A horizon is the depth as far as what the human eye can visually encompass, but UCOF offers exceeding hope beyond these limitations by providing individuals with inconceivable opportunities.

Rain Africa creates handmade beauty products and hand crafted homewear with the utmost attention to detail, using natural ingredients with African origin. The company is passionate about providing employment opportunities for the local community, and in doing so help to combat poverty in Southern Africa.

“The exhibition at Rain is extremely meaningful to us. We are offering faith and a better future to those who often appear hopeless. Our programs turn dreams into reality for the people we service,” says Ciano Clerjuste, Founding Partner, Chairman and President of UCOF.

“Hope Beyond Horizons” is where high fashion liaises nature. The exhibition will consist of couture looks made out of organic foliage and accessorized by natural products from Rain.
Artist elements of color selection will be that resonating UCOF’s iconic burnt-orange, which is symbolic of warmth and happiness and emotional strength, hope, Hope Beyond Horizons.

The exhibition is made possible with funding from the Clerjuste family and UCOF’s board of directors.

For more information on United Colors Of Fashion and “Hope Beyond Horizons,” please contact:

Michael A. Narain, Director of Creative Media
United Colors Of Fashion

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