Debi Levenson

Celebrity Outreach Advisor & Interational Relations Director (Europe)

Debi Levenson is a U.S. citizen who has traveled extensively in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Debi’s travels brought her to love the country and the its people.

Debi is an avid shopper and returned home to America from each visit with beautiful and unique items from Denmark, leaving her American friends envious of the her fabulous finds. This eventually lead to Debi forming Copenhagen by  U.S. (CBHBYUS). CBHYUS is a retail fashion house featuring an exclusive selection of Denmark´s finest fashions available in America.

Debi has spent much of her career as a marketing and public relations expert. With CPHBYUS, she has blended these callings with her natural sense of creativity and her refined fashion sense.  Debi has worked and is connected through a variety of avenues, such as celebrity branding, press outreach, and direct retail sales.

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