Frequently Asked Questions About UCOF Fashion Education

• What does UCOF offer its students?

UCOF offers students a practical application of their core academic subjects in a context of fashion. Our customized seminars are planned to stress the importance of reading, writing, oral communication skills and mathematics.

The seminars offer students the opportunity to explore the many opportunities in fashion and the importance of a solid education to achieve their goals.

• Why Fashion?

Fashion has become a global industry with revenue in the billions. It has extended its influence beyond clothing and accessories offering many different opportunities that are unknown to many students. UCOF enlightens students to have a full understanding of fashion and the many paths from which they might choose a career.

Fashion has become a universal language across all business categories; it is on the minds and in the hands of everyone.

• Who can attend the UCOF program?

The UCOF Fashion Education Seminar program is open to all Middle and High School students in NYC who have financial challenges, are academically prepared and have an interest in fashion. The application process is fully explained on our website.

We are also considering a series of seminars for interested applicants who are considering a career change or would like to explore the career possibilities in fashion. These seminars would have a nominal fee to cover costs.

• What is the criteria for acceptance into the UCOF Fashion Education program?

Students need to have financial need, demonstrate a level of academic preparedness and share why they are interested in fashion.

The application needs to be completely filled out and requires a personal essay and two letters of recommendation. UCOF is a not for profit organization with limited resources which affects the number of accepted students.

• What is the commitment from students?

Accepted students will need to commit to a seven week seminar. Meeting times are typically on Saturday mornings in a central location in Manhattan. Accepted students will need to attend all seminars, come prepared with completed homework as assigned, and participate in class.

For their completed participation, students will receive a Certificate of Completion which can be a part of their High School or College application package.

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