Student Training Arts and Design (STAND) Program

STAND (Students Training Arts and Design), the education program offered by UCOF Academy to under-resourced New York youth, is the only program of its kind in the United States.

STAND allows interns to learn in the areas of:

These fields of work are opened to our interns in the form of workshops and applied participation in fashion show productions and internships with leading designers. STAND assists interns to get scholarships to leading fashion schools, arrange installations and fashion shows for newly graduated designers. The student’s experiences are shared via OMBRE PORTFOLIO, a communiqué for UCOF Academy’s students.

Yearly, the board of designers selects the “Achiever of the Year”, this person, a college senior, must have been part of the program for more than four seasons, demonstrates excellent design skills and a strong potential to be a successful fashion designer. The achiever is awarded the following prizes:

These opportunities give talented, aspiring fashion professionals a platform to be recognized and integrated into the industry. STAND is available to driven high school sophomores through college juniors from low-income families in the New York City vicinities.

Requirements for Fashion Education Program:

Application Process:

We provide our training according to the global fashion calendar: February, September and October.

Attend Our Open House

We arrange open houses and informational sessions around the first week of September where students are welcome to attend and ask any questions they may have about the program. Upon request, United Colors of Fashion, Inc. can also come to your school to conduct an open house.

After our Senior Creative Director at UCOF Academy reviews the applications, students will be notified accordingly. Those who do not qualify can still volunteer with us and help us backstage or with other tasks.

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