Rose-Ann Reynolds

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2014 Achiever of the Year

Rose-Ann Reynolds is a creative, tenacious, and hardworking young lady. She has been involved with UCOF for two years. She is currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC, where she has just embarked on her first semester studying Communications Design. In the future Rose-Ann desires to become an Advertisement Designer, and to work in a design house to produce technical drawings such as Flats and to put together tech packs.

Before entering the United Colors of Fashion STAND program, although Rose-Ann loved fashion she was unaware of how it would be able to tie in with her talents of graphic design. As the year progressed being in the STAND program has benefitted her more than she has ever thought.

With very accelerated classes Rose-Ann was able to nurture her passion for fashion and broaden her horizons about what goes on within and outside of the fashion industry. She was enthralled by all the information she received in the free fashion classes offered to her by UCOF such as Fashion Merchandising, Creative Design and Global Fashion.

However, this semester at UCOF Rose-Ann along with four other team members worked diligently in creating a cohesive collection executing all that they have learned throughout their time in the STAND program. In the design house Arshel, Rose-Ann holds the role of the Technical Designer. She is responsible for making the technical drawings and putting together the tech packs, spec sheets, and designing the team logo. Rose-Ann along with the rest of team Arshel is very excited to present their collection at the United Colors of Fashion Gala fall 2014.

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