Our Seminars

• Fashion 360

This seminar will introduce fashion through a 360 degree lens. The history of fashion through the decades, the vocabulary of fashion, the careers of fashion, and a global awareness of the industry. Students will present an individual oral presentation on an assigned designer as well as a group presentation on a 20th century decade which will also be assigned. They will also hand in a written version of their presentations.

• Styling 101

This seminar will introduce the basics of styling; learning the vocabulary of a stylist, the different types of stylists, the mechanics of being a stylist, the importance of communication and the importance of networking. Students will be asked to create a “Styling Journal” and to create a two mood boards which will be shared in class.

• Styling 102

This seminar will draw from Styling 101 and further discuss key points. Students will be required to complete their own photo shoot based on an assigned theme. They will need to research, complete an inspiration board, clothing, hair and make-up boards. They will need to also create a budget and contact sheet. The shoot will not require any purchases and will foster their creativity by working with what they have in their closet and that of friends and family. The instructor will approve the research, boards, budget and contact sheets. The final images will be shared in class.

• Event Planning 101

This seminar will focus on the basics of Event Planning and its vocabulary. Students will learn why an event would happen and what ae the anticipated goals, the importance of research in developing a theme, the creation of a budget, the creation of a timeline and contact sheet and finally the marketing of the event, Each student will write a critique of an event they have attended and will create an event in a group (on paper) based on an assigned theme.

• Event Planning 102

This seminar will take the information learned from EP 1 and work toward producing the UCOF Showcase event. They will engage in helping to find a venue, seeking out sponsorships and working in tandem with the Fashion Show Production, Marketing and VM students in creating the perfect event that will promote the work of UCOF and also raise awareness.

• Fashion Show Production

This seminar will focus on all the components involved in the production of a fashion show from start to finish. Special attention will be paid to logistical organization with a focus on budget, venue selection, production values model casting and creating a timeline, sponsorship communications and run of show. Students will be given theme for a fashion show and be split into groups that will each present their assigned role in the execution of a fashion show.

• Fashion Forecasting

This seminar will refer back to the fashion cycle as the core of understanding the science of fashion forecasting. The seminar will also focus on the work done in Fashion 360 in the decades of the 20th Century with a focus on the reoccurring factors that dictate fashion trends. The importance of research and how to analyze current political, economic, social and cultural trends that fashion will reflect will be stressed and explored. We will rely on guest speakers, museum and gallery trips to activate student understanding.

• Fashion Magazines

This seminar will focus on printed media as well as online magazines. The students will create a “mock-up” of a fashion magazine which they will share in class. The students will be asked to demonstrate their skills as researchers, writers, and their creativity. A deadline will be created for each part of the “mock-up” to be completed and properly edited. The final completed project will be shared in class and at the UCOF Showcase.

• Fashion Branding

This seminar will focus on branding and how a fashion brand is created, developed and brought to the marketplace. Current trends and a discussion of terms and an analysis of existing fashion brands will lead to a written report from the students. 

• Fashion Marketing

This seminar will focus on the different channels available for fashion marketing with a focus on e-commerce. Students will understand the tools of the fashion marketer and present a fashion marketing plan for an assigned brand with a specific goal. There will be a focus on terminology and presentation skills.

• Introduction to Visual Merchandising

This seminar will present visual merchandising as an important competency that will enhance any career in the businesses of fashion. A thorough discussion of the basics of VM, the impact of VM on sales and how VM has evolved through technology and the internet. Students will prepare a written assessment of the VM of an assigned store and present in class.

• RTW: Men’s Women’s & Children’s

This seminar is being developed and will be available to select students only.

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