Claire Livingston

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Artistic Director

Claire Livingstone is currently the Director of Student Programs and Producer of in-house performances at Steps on Broadway in New York City. Prior to her work at Steps she was the Managing Director of Dance New Amsterdam, DNA (formerly Dance Space Center). Ms. Livingstone began her artistic career as a student at the Royal Ballet School in London, England, and subsequently became a member of the Royal Ballet Company for nine years, performing in Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa. In 1994, she traveled with members of the Royal Ballet Company to work collaboratively with Iain and Oria Douglas- Hamilton, founders of Save The Elephants. The performances raised funds and awareness for conservation and environmental projects in Kenya. Upon retiring from the Royal Ballet, she trained as a pilates instructor with clients in London, Los Angeles, New York and Nairobi.

In 2000, she co-founded In2Nature, a customized safari company based in Nairobi. Recently, she worked as a consultant on the inaugural performances of the newly formed ballet company, Morphoses: The Wheeldon Company at the Vail International Dance Festival, Sadlers Wells Theater in London, England and City Center in NYC.

In 2006, she participated as a performer and as the coordinator of all U.S. artists in EARTH – Healing the Rift, an environmental festival of music, dance and visual arts created by a team of international artists. The event was hosted by the Gallmann Memorial Foundation (GMF) in Laikipia, Kenya.

In 2007, Claire returned to Laikipia to continue her work with GMF at their second annual festival, AQUA.

In 2008, Claire co-founded Global Arts Initiative (GAIN) a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with established national and International organizations that provide training and community-based arts programs for underprivileged children; to create cultural exchanges and co-productions utilizing U.S mentors and local artists; and to offer scholarships for overseas study. In 2012 Claire founded Inari Network Inc. A business that provides support and connections for international artists living and working in the US on an O-1 Artists Visa.

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