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UNITED COLORS OF FASHION IS GRATEFUL FOR THEIR 2011 HONORARY CHAIR AND STYLIST: Kimberly Garrett-The Awesomely Talented Stylist Uses Fashion For Humanitarian Causes

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Planning a crème -de -la – crème International collective fashion show and Gala requires more than just a visionary and enthusiastic progression of an idea.  For United Colors Of Fashion, finding the right team of people each season is the key for the success to its charity events.

A few months ago, when the founding partners of the organization, Ciano Clerjuste and Veronica Rovegno were brainstorming and sorting out nominees to fulfill the role of honorary chair and stylist for the International Fashion Spectacle and Gala at hand, they had a few options.  The idea was to reach out and invite a well known “It girl “, whom is an extremely experienced individual in the fashion industry- and would simultaneously be an amazing role model for our young and gifted artists and willing to donate valuable time and expertise to help us serve our mission, which is “Fashion For Humanitarian Causes.”

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