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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Indeed United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) is a non-profit organization like no other; it stands adamant on its ideas. This not-for-profit organization goes beyond donation to “real help”.

Who can genuinely relate fashion with charity work, or who might have thought that a not-for-profit organization can use fashion for humanitarian aid?

Surely relating fashion with Charity may seem as a myth to many, but to UCOF it´s just a reality that comes with lots of ecstatic activities. Yes, fashion can be used for humanitarian aid here. Charity donations, it´s not always about donating money but doing what you do best and what you enjoy most to help those in need. Inspired by their family calamities, Ciano Clerjuste, the president and chairman of the board, Veronica Rovegno, Vice President – and a lot of other fashionistas, Wall Street bankers, socialites and philanthropisted listed on their website use fashion for humanitarian causes.

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By Lewis Ndlovu – South Africa

Johannesburg – Glamour, lights, models and designers are all words synonymous with fashion shows. And when you add fashion week to it, you tend to think of a high profile fashion event with packed nights of bubbly champagne, caviar and stunning models on the runway wearing but the best of designer gear. True. But how many times have you associated a top fashion event with a charitable cause? Probably not. Charity work doesn’t have to be always behind closed doors, because in some ways, when celebrities and designers extend their hand to help someone in need, it attracts many people, thereby helping it to gain more attention from millions around the world.

United Colours Of Fashion, a New York based non-profit organisation that has supported many noble causes was recently in Johannesburg for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which was held in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

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United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF) presents a “Bon Voyage Affair” at PRANNA

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New York, NY – United Colors Of Fashion, which uses fashion for humanitarian is due to travel to South Africa on March 6th to do charity work at the Soweto Hospice. Prior to departure, the organization is having a stylish “Bon Voyage Affair” on March 3, 2012.

Presented by PRANNA, the organization is expecting an audience full of fashionistas, fashion gurus, celebrities, Wall Street bankers and the fashion and lifestyle media.

A talented fashion designer, who has built a name with private celebrity clients in New York, Mariam Conde, is set to present her current collection, “Femme Progressive.” Ms. Conde has trained in high-end evening wear in the Ateliers of OSCAR DE LA RENTA, During her tenure with Mr. Oscar , she has collaborated with renowned designers to produce some of the world´s most coveted garments and accessories. She further enhanced her high-end style and quality construction skills at Carolina Herrera.

“I dress for a cause, a progressive cause. In her story and spirit, I find my inspiration,” says Conde.

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