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UCOF and David Tlale: A Presentation of Perfection

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BY: Laura Eustache
Reported BY: Alisha Frederick

NEW YORK – On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, while some may have been out at Valentine´s Day dinner, the UCOF team was hard at work making sure South African designer David Tlale´s show was going off without a hitch.
And without a hitch it went!

Presented before dignitaries, socialites and fashion fanatics alike, Tlale´s collection was displayed in a showcase; instead of having models walk a typical runway, Tlale´s setup gave on-lookers an opportunity to browse his collection up-close and personal.

This approach fit very well with the sounds of mellow African drumming beats serving as the soundtrack to the event. Guests were treated to a variety of appetizers which included cocktail shrimp, choice fruits, nuts, and a bacon-lettuce arrangement. For drinks, there was an array of South African red and white wines.

Although there can be nothing more satisfying than a great selection of food and drink, guests were more amazed by Tlale´s Fall/Winter 2012 collection; many an “ooh, aah” could be heard by observers who appeared more than satisfied by what had been presented.

Runway Ready: UCOF and NY Fashion Week Fall 2012

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Only hours left before people get a taste of the fashion they’ve been waiting for! New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 is set to begin today and is currently the talk of the town. For many this means bright lights, new fashion, new colors and endless parties! Let’s not forget at least four outfit changes a day or street-side yellow-cab wars!

You just have to love New York even more during Fashion Week!

But for designers, this means much more than what we all anticipate; it’s putting forth the vision they´ve been working hard on for the upcoming season. A lot of hard work and chaos goes on behind- the- scenes during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. For this year, the action begins on February 9th lasting until the 16th. Top designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein will be unveiling collections for the Fall/Winter Season. Part of this year´s fashion is the campaign slogan: “You Can´t Fake Fashion” which is geared towards bringing awareness to counterfeit garments and accessories and their detriment to the fashion industry in general. Bringing awareness to this hot-button issue is not only brilliant but so crucial.

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Bisila Bokoko

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One of Our Advisors, Mrs. Bokoko Makes The Cover of Zen Magazine

Story by: Zen Magazine

Our generation is truly blessed with prominent & confident women who are not only strong leaders but are also positive role models to the millions of women searching for inspiration worldwide. Their ideas, insights & innovative approach towards situations & issues tells you that leadership isn’t just a role for men only, but also a role where women have succeeded in tremendously. From the way they dress, to the manner in which they interact and lead, these women have won our hearts & inspired us on several occasions – Bisila Bokoko is one of such women. Born in Spain from Equatorial Guinea parents, Bisila has created a name & built a formidable brand for herself over the past decade.

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