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Look De Jour: Miranda Feneberger

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Name: Miranda Feneberger
City: Athens, GA
Age: 19
School: University of Georgia
Major: English

Ombre: If you could name your personal style, what would it be?

Miranda: This is a hard question. I love comfy clothes, and I love being casual, but put together. I love pieces that are a little unique, and I’m a big fan of cool T-shirts. I think my style would be best described as “Casual Cool” if that’s a thing. I also love menswear, and I think there’s always a bit of a menswear influence in my clothes.

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Icon of the Week: BANGS shoes

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BY: Anna Mathias

Columbia, SC native Hannah Davis proves that you can be your own boss in your 20s and more importantly you can also create change. As the founder and president of BANGS Shoes, the 26 year old uses her company to mix fashion with social causes. “BANGS isn’t just a shoe company,” Davis said. “There’s a huge mission behind the brand. It stands for a social change that we are trying to put into effect.”

In 2009, after graduating from Clemson University, Davis traveled to Jiangsu Province of Eastern China to teach English. While living there, she noticed many of the Chinese workers and farmers wearing olive green army-style shoes. This working class staple sparked Davis to form a brand that promotes and supports social issues through retail. The company’s name derives from the Chinese character for the word help, which is spelled b-a-n-g. In June 2010, BANGS Shoes was born.

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Alonzo expresses fashion in his own style

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BY: Jamil Khan

Alonzo Brown

Alonzo Brown

JOHANNESBURG: At the tender age of 23, Alonzo Brown has a firm grip on the reality of life and the dog eat dog nature of society. He has lived by the principles of self-reliance and proactivity. Raised by a single mother in Jersey City, New Jersey Alonzo has always had an interest in fashion, even while maintaining good grades at school and majoring in English.

He sees fashion as the perfect means for self expression and uses it as a mood ring of sorts, claiming that the way he dresses sends a message to people about how he’s feeling on a particular day.

“I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I’m in. It can tell people to back off and leave me alone, or it can invite people in and show the softer side of me. Fashion gives a certain amount of freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be,” he says.

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