Design intern tells of passion for fantasy fashion

BY: Jamil Khan

NEW YORK – Artists often describe their talent as both a blessing and a curse, due to its wholly fulfilling nature, but also its ability to create anguish and conflict in the mind of its possessor. Although she does not see it in quite such a dramatic light, UCOF intern Sabrina Guillaume has always considered herself destined for costume design.

Sabrina Guillaume

Sabrina Guillaume

She has recently graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, but the road that led her to this point is nothing short of magical.

“The way garments tell a story, creates a character, and brings life to a screenplay is something that has always wowed me. I remember watching West Side Story and wanting to dance the Mambo just so I would be able to twirl in a full circle skirt. And seeing Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly, and Funny Girl and dying to get my hands on one her lavish hats and coats,” she recalls.

Her resume as it stands, is rather impressive already. Throughout her college career she’s been active in the Theatre Arts department; bringing her skill set in various productions such as Antigone, and Bloody Bess as a Costume Designer where she researched and designed costumes in the genre of Elizabethan era and ancient Greek era. Showing her love for education and her versatile nature, she interned for the world premier of Anthropology of a Book Club for Costume Inspiration, where she Researched Muslim women’s traditional clothing and styled the cast according to characters’ religious backgrounds. In August 2013 at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta, Georgia, Sabrina had the position as a Fantasy Hair Costume Assistant where she assisted celebrity hair stylist Janel Smith in constructing a mermaid costume consisting of hair, fabric, and accessories.

Just like her passion, her interests are endless. Sabrina enjoys praise dance and through her strong involvement in her church she is currently the Praise Dance coordinator, and also a mentor in the Young Ladies Ministry mentoring girls between 7th-12th grade on self-empowerment, education and leadership.

“The STAND (Students Training Arts and Design) program was made for an aspiring, striving, and under-resourced costume designer as myself. Becoming the next Achiever of the Year will open doors that I can only imagine, and I am willing to take full advantage of the opportunities that may assist me on excelling in such a grand and competitive field. UCOF will give me the platform to present to the world what I consider to be my great passion, a passion that will forever be inside of me; a creator of majestic garments that will never be forgotten,” she says.

It is safe to say that Sabrina is driven to achieve great heights in design and her passion for learning makes her a perfect match for the UCOF family.

As long as her passion and confidence remains, we have no doubt that Sabrina will continue to take the fantasy in fashion to new places and UCOF will be behind her every step of the way.

Jamil Khan

Jamil Khan

Jamil Khan is a press writer for UCOF. In his personal capacity he is a freelance writer, author and creative director. His interests include literature, music and social upliftment.

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