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Look Du Jour: Alyssa Schondel

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Name: Alyssa Schondel
Known For: Fashion Blog- Platinum & Penniless, Teen Vogue Top 100 Bloggers, Lucky Contributor
Age: 21
City: Middletown, New Jersey
Occupation: Sales Associate
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Advertising, Marketing and Communications major.

How would you describe your personal style?
I really like to keep it simple and comfortable. “Less is more” will forever be my motto; I never like to look too ‘done up’. Bed head, ‘no makeup-makeup’, boyfriend jeans and a crisp white tee—these are all essential to my personal style. If I had to sum my style up in 3 words: resourceful, minimalistic and comfortable.

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Look Du Jour: Jenny Han

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Name: Jenny Han
Age: 21
City: Raised in Shanghai, born in Taipei
School: Wheaton College
Major: Communication-Media, Sociology

How would you define your personal style?
I would say that I’m casual, simple, and practical. I prefer a darker palette and minimalist pieces.

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Look Du Jour: Lauraine van der Werff

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look du jour 7-24

Name: Lauraine van der Werff
Age: 23
City: Emmen, The Netherlands
Job: Telephonist, Former Beauty Queen

Ombrè: How would you describe your personal style?
I have many different styles. Most of all, I like sporty, feminine and casual clothing. My look depends on the season. In the summer I like to wear colorful pieces paired with high heels, and during the winter I like to wear dark jeans with high boots. In terms of jewelry, I prefer gold. Almost all my jewelry is very subtle. I think subtleness is very feminine. Furthermore, I love skinny jeans, however I also like to wear nice dresses. I buy clothes that make me feel good and do not necessarily follow the fashion trends.

Interview with Oda Nigist Wigstøl: “Create your own trends, be original”

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Name: Oda Nigist Wigstøl

Age: 17

Country: Kristiansand, Norway

School: Vågsbygd videregående skole (High School, School of Arts)

Major: Music


oda 8 bewerkt_crop

Where did you buy your clothes?

Dress: H&M
Jacket: Cubus
Shoes: A Norwegian shoe store

Most of the time I buy my clothes abroad. I like to go into random clothing stores in foreign countries, to make sure that no one will wear the exact same clothes as me when I get home. But of course I buy some of my clothes in Norway as well. I like places like H&M, New Yorker, etcetera.

How would you describe your style?

I can’t really describe my personal style, because my clothing style depends on my mood. You know that you can tell a lot about a person through the way they dress. Of course you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it says a lot. When I feel really sad, I do everything I can do to look as pretty as possible. I don’t know why I just feel like if I at least look like a decent person, my mood will follow.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 Review: Minimale Animale

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By: Gabriela Herstik

If there is one word to describe Minimale Animale it is indeed minimal- not in concept or aesthetic, but purely in design. Instead of sleek minimalism like the name hints at, Minimale Animale is all about minimalism in coverage, meaning the more skin there is showing, the better.  Whether it was a gold lame bikini with sheer black detailing, or a topless model wearing nothing but a strappy black bottom, the urban edge of this collection was striking and to die for. Cassandra Kellogg, the mastermind and designer behind the brand, has truly created a collection for the daring woman who is not afraid to get down and dirty with her fashion.Minimale+Animale+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+kfGD5pGJ1ZUl  The 2015 show even went so far as to include motorcycle helmets, which serve as the perfect over-the-top accent to an incredibly minimal bathing suit. This season’s offerings included a lot of harnesses and of course, the classic mesh and leather combination, redone and revamped for the season of course. Although we love the itty-bitty bikinis, we can’t help loving the Minimale Animale leather jacket even more.



Look Du Jour: Nicholas Rodriguez

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Name: Nicholas Rodriguez

Nicholas Rodriguez

Nicholas Rodriguez

City: New York, NY
School: Borough Community of Manhattan
Major: Liberal Arts

Ombré: What is the inspiration of your look today?
Nicholas: My overall inspiration was grungy street wear. I paired my distressed shorts with a colorblock tee. I wanted my outfit to be casual while keeping some edginess to it.

Ombré: What’s your favorite piece in this photo and why?
Nicholas: My favorite piece from this outfit would have to be my shorts. I bought them as regular jeans from a thrift store for eight dollars. Then I watched a youtube video to learn how I can distress jeans. A scissor and several rips later I turned the ordinary jeans into a grungy distressed jean short.

Ombré: What is the trend you follow?
Nicholas: One trend I think I follow is contrast. Since I wear mostly black and white I like to bring different texture and elements together in order to not have a dull outfit.

Ombré: What’s one trend you will never follow?
Nicholas: One trend I will not follow is anything camouflage or floral. I tend to stay away from prints.

Nicholas Rodriguez is a proud student of the STAND (Students Training Arts and Design) Program at United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF Academy).

Ombre is Now Taking Submissions!

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Ombre is Now Taking Submissions!

Look De Jour: Miranda Feneberger

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Name: Miranda Feneberger
City: Athens, GA
Age: 19
School: University of Georgia
Major: English

Ombre: If you could name your personal style, what would it be?

Miranda: This is a hard question. I love comfy clothes, and I love being casual, but put together. I love pieces that are a little unique, and I’m a big fan of cool T-shirts. I think my style would be best described as “Casual Cool” if that’s a thing. I also love menswear, and I think there’s always a bit of a menswear influence in my clothes.

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Look De Jour: Bree Kinkade

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Bree Kinkade

Name: Bree Kinkade
City: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 20 years old
School: Kennesaw State University
Major: Marketing

1. Ombré : If you could name your personal style what would it be? Bree: It’s so difficult to put a label or name on my style, because I feel like it is always changing and evolving as I grow. As of right now, I would probably title it “boho chic”. I am really into the whole ‘bohemian’ and ‘free spirited’ look, and I always have been. I think that now I am just really starting to figure out how I want to piece things together in order to achieve that look.

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I’m currently a fashion merchandising major and print journalism minor at the University of South Carolina, where I’m doing my best to create a solid foundation in which to become a professional fashion journalist. I’m a slight brunette with a penchant for dark souls with soft hearts and yearning minds and I’m constantly inspired by everything the universe throws at me. I view fashion as art you live your life in, and this, combined with my love for the macabre, has really helped shape my personal style. One of the reasons I am so drawn to UCOF as an organization is because it embodies my ultimate long term goal, which is to use fashion to help change the world in a positive way. UCOF is constantly helping and empowering youth through fashion and is helping the world through their volunteer work in countries like South Africa and Haiti. UCOF inspires me to use what I love to make a difference, and I believe that’s the most beautiful gift of all.

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